Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is joy

This is always a joy to fill out I know most of you would agree. Here is goes. I believe that bases a true relationship lies on a great friendship. I also believe that if you have a lot of love to give then you must share that with someone. I think if you're open to new and exciting things that you haven't really tried before that could lead you to something unexpectedly wonderful. I'm looking for a great guy with a big heart who knows what he wants in life. I would like to find someone who has a lot to offer and wants a great smart independent girl to complement his life rather then complete it. Obviously its impossible to give everything that i look for in a two minute write up but i guess you get the big picture of bubblebuttsgalore. If you think your looking for something relatively the same then give me a shout cause I'd love to hear from you and you never know you might just be what i look for:)